A country in crisis, and all we can do is sign letters?!

Dear Prime Minister,

The People of The UK

P.S. We’d also like our democracy upgraded so our votes actually count, and we can vote with our values in future.

Dear Prime Minister

We need,



Make us a
million strong

Join these signatories and more.

We’ll deliver this message to No. 10

Our country is in crisis,
and we need change.

A general election NOW.

A new government.

…and Proportional Representation
to upgrade our democracy.


Join us and use it.

A movement voting together for change

Only 29% of registered voters
chose this government.

We’ll vote tactically to remove them.

We’ll stick together voting
for bold common sense policies
our country needs to thrive.

(Like Proportional Representation)

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No more
chaos & crisis

When we could
be thriving.

  • Millions using food banks
  • PPE corruption
  • Inflation booming
  • Energy company rip offs
  • Climate response reversal
  • Tax cuts for the best off
  • NHS being failed
  • Sewage in our rivers
  • 1 in 3 children in poverty
  • Peerages for pals
  • Schools struggling
  • Broken immigration

Join these signatories
and more.

Let’s make it a million.

  • Carol Vorderman
  • Femi Oluwole
  • Marina Purkiss
  • Josh Russell
  • Respected Sports Person
  • Fearless Rights Activist
  • Outspoken Musician
  • Workers Representative
  • Hero of the NHS
  • Progressive Entrepreneur
  • Powerful Young Voice
  • Environmental Champion

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Next? Keep going

A large coordinated voting movement is hard for the next government to ignore.

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  • Fight the next general election, get involved with actions to take.
  • Work together to get what we need from the next government.
  • Start or find a local group and mobilise your community.