The Movement Forward

Will This Work?

This is not a protest, or a petition.

It doesn’t need anyone’s permission, or any negotiation.

We are not demanding anything of the current government, who’ve demonstrated over and over that they’re not interested in listening to what people need.

Together we have millions of votes. They’re the most powerful tool we have, and we can use them to define the narrative, and our future.

Instead of crossing our fingers, this is taking the future into our own hands.

Around the country, in every constituency, simply vote for the opposition candidates most likely to win, whichever party they’re from.

Tactical Voting At an Industrial Scale

As a movement we can mobilise voters to show up and vote tactically at scale, explaining to a new government why we’re showing up: for change, and for the key to change, proportional representation.

2.3million more people voted for opposition parties in 2019.

And at the next election there will be roughly 2.4million new young voters who couldn’t vote in 2019. It could be theirs to own.

We have the numbers.

Our mission, and yours
Take this universal call-to-action of tactical voting mainstream for the first time, and set the agenda.

Tactical Voting Information

Tactical voting experts are working to ensure accurate and consistent voting advice is published in time for a general election. The data and insights they use changes as an election develops. Polling, local agreements, and data that shows voting trends all play a part.

In previous years some websites advised which candidates to vote for to get the Tories out, and others have helped people vote for remainer candidates. Because that wasn’t always the same candidate in a constituency, advice was muddled.

This time it’s clear, a new government is the first step toward all the changes we’ve been fighting for. So the advice must be for people to vote for the most likely candidates to win.

Tactical voting has worked very successfully in recent by-elections. Proving that people get it, and have the appetite to do it.

Any information you find today could be out of date by the time there’s an election. Remember to check who to vote for on the day of the election.

But We need a progressive alliance!

A progressive alliance, meaning opposition parties working together to win the next election, would be great.

But what if they don’t?

We can still use our votes tactically for a new government.

And if they do coordinate, we will still all be voting for the most likely candidates to win, whether that’s been negotiated or not.

Tactical voting, and a progressive alliance, both mean the same action on election day.

They still need our votes, and we still need to show up telling them we want proportional representation.


Forward Democracy is coordinating this campaign along with a growing list of supporters across society and around the country.

We have previously created several platforms to help people take part in democracy, or have their voice heard. We’re most well known for Swap My Vote, which since 2015 has been helping people in safe seats to swap their votes with others in different constituencies where their votes might make a difference.

We believe the best way to bring about change is for everybody to be truly represented in government, and that is our current goal.

Things get better when the people making decisions for the country truly look like the people of the country.

How are we funded?

Previously we’ve raised small amounts to operate Swap My Vote during an election period, successfully helping thousands of people make their votes count around the country.

The Movement Forward will not be successful as a voluntary ‘weekends-and-evenings’ project. This level of profound and urgent change can not be achieved as a hobby.

So we’re raising what we need operate this campaign professionally all the way up to the next general election, to give us the best possible chance of succeeding.

If you can help us now, get in touch at: [email protected]