political power by voting together

Millions of us are going to vote tactically, just like so many always do.

let’s prove the country isn’t right wing, and change the narrative.

Join us to register that you are just lending your vote to the opposition parties to get the Tories out.

After we demolish the Tories together, we’ll help you remind the new government they have to earn your vote in future, and at the same time show them the media and think tanks don’t represent us.

Join us

The independent, non-party movement, voting tactically to win the election and tell our new MPs how they can earn our votes next time.
  • Show how big we are
  • Get tactical voting info
  • Influence our new MPs

We run StopTheTories.VOTE, the tactical voting website to help you get your Tory out this time.

But to earn our votes next time…

…We want Proportional Representation to make our votes count in future. We want action on the corruption, bigotry, and racism. And we want common sense policies our country needs to thrive for years to come, a green economy, fair taxation, successful and nationalised services, and real equal opportunities for all. What else?


If you’re a designer, technologist, videographer, data analyst or have any other media or content skills to help activate people and own the narrative, join our creative community on Discord.

You can help the movement organise and mobilise locally, by distributing printed material and having real conversations with people about what we can do together.

Social and Local Community

Join our online Discord community, our own social network.

Find a group close to you, use it to grow local movement and mobilise in your area.

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To go mainstream, we go everywhere, and we go big with your support.


The multiple crisis going on make it a hard time to ask for money, please only make donations if you’re genuinely able.

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Support a specific initiative, check out what we’re working on right now.

Sponsor our tactical voting campaign, StopTheTories.Vote

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If you represent a community of shared identity and are interested in mobilising them at the election and to get their goals on the agenda, think of this as the alliance that will help them have influence.

Represent your community

Celebrities, influencers, and anyone with a public profile, this is an opportunity to make change happen as part of an independent and non-party-aligned movement that’s aiming to be the biggest national influence on our future. Find out more..

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