We are
living in crisis

Our country is breaking.

Millions rely on food banks.
While our food supply is in trouble.
There’s sewage in our rivers and seas.
And reservoirs are drying up.
People are underpaid for their work.
Made worse by spiralling inflation.
Energy bills are unaffordable.
While blackouts are being planned.
Temperatures are at record highs.
Schools struggle for basic supplies.
There’s a lack of affordable housing.
The NHS is overwhelmed.
Infrastructure isn’t being maintained.
Our global reputation is in pieces.
The economy is failing hard.
Fewer opportunities for young people.
Retirement ages are being raised.
Taxes are being misspent, or worse.
Human rights are being removed.
The House of Lords is being taken over.
Disaster capitalists make huge profits.
Government thinks it’s above the law.
They get all the big calls wrong.
Most media ignores it, some support it.
Protesting all this is becoming illegal.
And democracy is being dismantled.