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Together we’re on a mission to take back control of our country’s future.

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NEW Change will come with a new government, and new way of electing them.

1. We’ll vote tactically, and demand proportional representation.

2. Fight for the people that will represent progressive ideas at every level of government.

If you do just one thing, make it this, let’s show how big the movement for change is…

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NEW Community groups are a way to connect and work together through communities of shared self identity, rather than of shared location. The groups are welcoming and supportive, and are looking for you!

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There’s tons to be getting on with behind the scenes, you can help the movement organise and mobilise.

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If you’re a designer, technologist, videographer, data analyst or have any other media or content skills to help activate people and own the narrative, join our creative community on Discord.

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The multiple crisis going on make it a hard time to ask for money, please only make donations if you’re genuinely able.

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